Welcome to the website for the Connecticut State Conference of the American Association of University Professors. The Connecticut State Conference AAUP was formed in early 1985, and consists of collective bargaining chapters (UConn-AAUP and CSU-AAUP) and advocacy chapters (Teikyo Post, University of Hartford and Fairfield University) as well as individual members at other Connecticut colleges and the Connecticut Emeritus Assembly.

State Conference responsibilities involve membership organizing, Committee A (Academic Freedom and Tenure) work through the Robert Bard Legal Defense Fund, and assistance with shared governance documents in addition to providing resources for individual members without local support. The conference supports attendance at National AAUP meetings and conferences. It also produces a newsletter entitled Vanguard, which is sent to every AAUP member in the state and includes news and reports from as many segments of the academic community as possible.

Statement of Purpose

If you have any questions, please contact Connecticut State Conference Executive Director Flo Hatcher at hatcherk1@southernct.edu.