Fairfield’s Irene Mulvey Wins Sternberg Award

MulveyThe Connecticut State Conference American Association of University Professors is pleased to congratulate Irene Mulvey, Professor of Mathematics at Fairfield University, on receiving the Marilyn Sternberg Award. This award is given to the “AAUP member who best demonstrates the concern for human rights, courage, persistence, political foresight, imagination, and collective bargaining skills.” An AAUP member since 1989, Professor Mulvey is deeply committed to AAUP’s organizing work – ensuring higher education’s contribution to the common good and empowering faculty and academic professionals through organizing and collective action. As a leader of the AAUP Chapter at Fairfield, Professor Mulvey has been instrumental in helping that chapter become well known for its activism, organization and success in recruiting members with nearly 75 percent of faculty at Fairfield enrolled as AAUP members.

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